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【研討會紀實】擁抱挑戰 開創自我新高度—APCDA會後心得


蔡明居 / 國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所 碩士生

首先我必須要先感謝台灣生涯發展與諮詢學會讓我擔任2016亞太生涯發展協會年會(2016 Annual Conference Career Counseling Best Practices in the Asia Pacific Region: Promoting Inclusiveness by Asia Pacific Career Development Association) 志工,擔任翻譯與接待相關工作! 會中被分配到為中國與會學者進行翻譯工作,讓我有機會可以參加不同場次的研討會活動,認識到了生涯發展相關的最新知識與實務運作模式。

一系列的研討會中,我最欣賞來自美國Indiana University的Barry Chung教授演講關於Multicultural and Gender Issues in Career Counseling主題演講,原因在於Barry教授出生於香港底層,在求學期間受到很多貴人幫助,更在美國學習到如何主動尋求資源,得到了美國求學期間教授很多的協助,順利完成博士學位並留在美國深造,過程中 Barry 教授談到很多從國際學生轉變到今日的成就的心路歷程,更是少見在美國華人擔任過生涯發展協會最高領導人職位的優秀領導人與師大心輔系的傑出校友! 因為演講中很多故事與自己過去在美國求學時經驗很類似,聽得更是特別的有感觸,為了展現聽完Barry教授演講後心中最真實的感受,所以特別分享當時自己在演講後傳給Barry教授感謝信上的內容,分享給大家閱覽!

“Professor Chung, it’s my pleasure to listen to your keynote speech this morning, while I am the interpreter for another participant, I can say I can feel you when you talked about several topics, one of which is when you touch upon the immigrant has to putting much more effort than the non-immigrant part.

When I was study and first time start my venture for an experimental class in the United States, immediately, I found a lot of barrier that needs to be overcome! Despite the language barrier, the culture issue, the most challenging part is when something matters to immigrant a lot such as visa issue, while an officials or school professors did not have experience as expats try to start their venture in an unfamiliar place, the immigrants simply have to put a great effort to be persuasive, to try their best, like you mentioned in your previous speech “America, America, I try and give my best to you” to be able to win some support, to make the things looks nearly impossible to at least have some possibilities…

Another part which touched my heart a lot, or I can say I feel you the most, is when you talk about to be order to become a good career counselor or to be capable to help others. One must have an extraordinary ability to find resources, like you were from a family that seem not possible to break the ceiling, then gain resources in helping you become the first one in the family to go to college, enjoy the privileges of higher educations, by asking help, you do not need to pay tuition since high school, of course, the family support , especially your sister support is really beautiful and generous in making the miracle happened. I am really glad you become who you are today, with very energetic attitude, in wish also putting effort in making the world a better place!

Particularly, my personal interesting experience in both to stay in the Europe and US, I found this your narrative experience is especially true, like you said, when something it s narrative, it is much easier to touch people’s heart and win the support!

From my experience, often times, it is like what you suggested when something seem to be radical or not easy to shift the perspective, the idea of money talks or power talks really kicks in, the ability for anyone to pool the money or to win strategic partner in forming alliance become critically important! As matter of fact, anyone’s ability are limited, one must have the ability to form a group or team, in order to combine or facilitate each of the experts in demonstrating their best effort, to best address the issue with realistic solutions to solve the issue.”


本文章刊登於 電子報專刊:亞太生涯發展學會研討會暨本學會2016年會


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